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Welcome to A Lean Life!  Your best you, at any age.

The FOUR Pillars of A Lean Life >

Lean Fitness | All workouts are 30 minute workouts, 3 days a week, and making sure you avoid injury along the way. The aim is a lean, hard muscular build on a tight schedule.

Lean Cardio | Cardio to improve your wellness, and an understanding that cardio goes way beyond weight control: blood pressure, disease avoidance, circulation, stretching for supple muscles, and more.

Lean Nutrition | Healthy, clean nutrition for lean muscle, better circulation, healthy skin, healthy liver and kidney, an overall healthy You!

Lean Wellness | Living a lean lifestyle is all about taking better care of yourself…your skin, your blood, your looks, your relations, your outlook, your attitude.

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Body Types

Body Types: Which One Are You?

There are different three body types, and we all fit in to one.  And sometimes we fit into a combination of two different types.  The three different body types are: Endomorph Ectomorph Mesomorph Determining your body type is important as it will affect your fitness and nutrition plan. If your naturally chubby like most of…

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