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Welcome to A Lean Life!  Your best you, at any age.

The FOUR Pillars of A Lean Life >

Lean Fitness | All workouts are 30 minute workouts, 3 days a week, and making sure you avoid injury along the way. The aim is a lean, hard muscular build on a tight schedule.

Lean Cardio | Cardio to improve your wellness, and an understanding that cardio goes way beyond weight control: blood pressure, disease avoidance, circulation, stretching for supple muscles, and more.

Lean Nutrition | Healthy, clean nutrition for lean muscle, better circulation, healthy skin, healthy liver and kidney, an overall healthy You!

Lean Wellness | Living a lean lifestyle is all about taking better care of yourself…your skin, your blood, your looks, your relations, your outlook, your attitude.

Lean Your Body | Lean Your Life

Fartlek Training to Improve Endurance and Variety

Is Fartlek Training for you… Do you ever feel that the boredom and monotony of your cardio workouts is sapping your motivation? Do you ever wish that your fitness routines weren’t always so structured and rigid? Then this workout might be a great addition to your workout routines…. Fartlek training means “speed play” in Swedish,…

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